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Oman Announces 35,000 Jobs Through Replacement and Employment

​Oman's plan to create 35,000 jobs in the private and public sectors demonstrates its commitment to fighting unemployment and helping the economy flourish. The World Bank forecasts that Oman's unemployment rate will be around 3% in 2023*. By putting effort into both the private and public sectors, Oman hopes to reduce unemployment rates, diversify its economy, provide employment opportunities, and improve the well-being of its citizens. This initiative hopes to cultivate social inclusion, Private-Public Partnerships (PPP), and the growth of employable skills. This strategy aims to maintain existing roles while opening up opportunities for fresh candidates to enter the public sector. Out of the total 35,000 jobs, 14,000 will be provided through replacement in the private sector, while 10,000 will be filled in the public sector.

The Private Sector

The government encourages entrepreneurship, investment, and innovation by creating jobs in this sector. These jobs can be found in various industries, including banking, manufacturing, technology, healthcare, tourism, etc. By focusing on replacement, the private sector aims to keep currently employed workers and ensure the smooth running of businesses without sacrificing productivity. The strength of the private sector contributes to overall economic growth and diversification, which is critical for developing long-term sustainability and lowering Oman’s reliance on oil revenues.

Private Sector Replacement Jobs:

● Oil and Gas: engineers, technicians, project managers, and support staff

● Construction and Infrastructure: roles in construction management, civil engineering, architecture, project planning, and trades

● Manufacturing: production, quality control, logistics, and maintenance

● Retail and Consumer Goods: sales, customer service, inventory management, and store operations

● Information Technology: software development, system administration, network engineering, and cybersecurity

Public sector

Creating jobs in the public sector ensures that skilled workers are available to support public services. These can include positions in education, healthcare, administration, transportation, etc. 10,000 jobs in the public sector will be filled through a mix of new hires and replacements. This strategy allows the public sector to address workforce gaps and best use its resources.

Public Sector Replacement and New Employment Jobs:

● Education: teachers, administrators, and support staff

● Healthcare: doctors, nurses, allied health professionals, administrators, and support personnel.

● Administration and Civil Service: jobs could be available in government offices, with positions in administration, finance, human resources, and public service.

● Public Infrastructure: engineers, project managers, and technicians in areas such as transportation, utilities, and public works.

● Social Services: social services, social work, community development, and welfare programs.

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