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Trends Driving the New Human Age

We believe we are embarking on a New Human Age — a time where people are utilizing technology and digital tools to enhance human connections, be more productive, and live more meaningful lives.

Shifting Demographics

Birth rates decline while populations age, creating acute talent shortages and reduced labor force participation in many countries. Gen Z workers are raising the bar for issues that matter to them.

Tech Adoption

As organizations continue to invest in technology, they’ll need to foster digital skills from within while seeking external talent to maximize return on investment.

Individual Choice

The pandemic made flexible work a reality causing a paradigm shift in how people balance their work and personal lives. People want more choices about when, where and how they do their jobs.

Competitive Drivers

Access to highly skilled talent is a distinct competitive advantage. Winning is about managing risk and building resiliency in the face of ongoing economic and geopolitical uncertainty.

“We believe equipping people with the skills to leverage technology will create a future of work that is closer to what workers of the future want; it is how we will build a path for all to increase prosperity for the many, not the few.” - Jonas Prising, Chairman and CEO, ManpowerGroup.

Businesses that invest in humanizing their workplace will win the approval and loyalty of their employees. And throughout 2023’s uncertain economic landscape, employee engagement will be what fuels corporate performance and resilience.
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