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On-Demand Coaching Solves Today's Problems, Builds Leaders

​Over 80% of employees say they lack the skills needed for their current job and the future.  Helping individuals strengthen their ability to manage in a fast-changing global economy requires a culture of learnability and a nimble mentoring approach. Never has the need for self-management been more crucial and more challenging.

Only months ago, business leaders were busy navigating the tsunami of workplace change due to disruptive technologies and the skills shortage. Today, COVID-19 has dramatically escalated that change, landing many in a new normal of remote work and virtual collaboration. 

RightCoach™ is an on-demand situational coaching solution that drives that self-management that with short, issue-specific online skill-building sessions for emerging leaders and high potential employees. 

Unlike traditional coaching, which aims to change behaviors over the long-term, situational coaching offers a more agile and self-directed approach. Coaches guide individuals so they learn to articulate and solve their most pressing issues while building leadership skills for the future.

Here’s why RightCoach™ is different:

Flexible mentorship when and how you need it
Problems are like weeds. You need to get to the root quickly or they will grow out of control. In larger organizations especially, an executive isn’t always available to help employees address unexpected crises. 

RightCoach™ provides affordable support with 30- and 60-minute video and chat sessions available within two hours of scheduling. Each session concentrates on one topic for fast and focused support. Participants can book sessions easily across multiple languages and time zones and access via smartphone, desktop and tablets. 

Experienced coaches across multiple topic areas
In a traditional coaching scenario, employees work with one coach who shares insights based on their own expertise. RightCoach™ offers the choice of building relationships with a global network of experienced executive coaches across a range of industries. Employees gain a variety of perspectives on topics across three workplace categories:

  • Leading Oneself

    addresses such topics as navigating change, building resilience, and expanding social, cultural and emotional intelligence.

  • Leading Others

    focuses on topics related to engaging and retaining talent, building and improving relationships, collaborating to win and managing effective meetings.

  • Leading the Organization

    targets issues such as talent strategy, enabling profitability and growth, leading change, balancing risk and fostering innovation.

Confidential career development
Workers across generations are hungry for career growth – in fact, many value career and skills training nearly as much as compensation. But managers are still not doing enough to train employees for the future because they are already stretched thin. RightCoach™ assists leaders by guiding employees through everyday situations where they need direction, from learning how to provide more effective feedback to managing conflict between co-workers. 

After each session, organizations can track employee progress with real-time reporting through an easy-to-use dashboard that monitors coaching outcomes and employee satisfaction.  For example, an outcome for providing more effective feedback could include a leader understanding the value of feedback and learning to re-frame it as valuable information for their direct reports as opposed to criticism, helping them recognize how valuable and important feedback can be for growth and development.

Encourage a coaching culture
More Fortune 500 companies see the value in coaching to build collaboration and drive transformation. Microsoft, for example, experienced a significant ‘cultural renovation’ after CEO Satya Nadell took the helm in 2014. He understood that the company had to “shift from being know-it-alls” to being “learn-it-alls,”4and the company began providing more one-on-one coaching at every level to encourage a growth mindset. 

RightCoach™ encourages these kinds of “learn-it-all” coaching conversations that help managers listen to their team. This in turn increases engagement as employees see their career path with the organization more clearly. It’s the kind of development that also significantly reduces the cost of employee turnover on all levels.5

Talent leaders like Nadell know that by instilling this kind of coaching culture, they’re adding value for employees and ultimately, value for the company.

Learn more about how RightCoach™can benefit your business.