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Understanding Emiratisation: What Does This Mean For UAE-based Businesses?

The exciting new Emiratisation initiative, which aims to bring about social and economic upliftment, has been on everyone's lips in recent months. This initiative is the UAE government’s strategic goal aimed at increasing the employment of UAE nationals. This has taken effect as of 1st January this year, affecting companies that are based on the mainland.

In order to boost the number of Emiratis in the labour force, the government launched a number of additional projects, including the Emiratisation Law, which means that all companies doing business in the country must set goals for hiring and training Emiratis, and The Nationalization Program, which gives financial incentives and other benefits to employers who meet these goals. Other ventures have been implemented such as the opening of specialized training centers, introducing new vocational qualifications, and support services, and the creation of special economic zones.

By introducing more locals into the workforce, the UAE plans to provide more job opportunities while also diversifying and balancing the labour market. Companies must now ensure they reach targets set forth by the government, with an approved decision to raise Emiratisation rates to 2% per year for skilled jobs in the private sector (for organizations with 50 or more employees), and an end goal of increasing the rate to 10% by 2026.

While companies that succeed in reaching this target will be given grants and incentives, those that do not may be subject to fines and other penalties. This new system has left companies in need of specialist recruitment services that can help them manage and meet these quotas.

To bolster the national Emiratisation recruitment in Dubai and the greater UAE and GCC regions, ManpowerGroup, in collaboration with Right Management, works to meet our clients' quotas and build partnerships with organizations in a bid to broaden their Emirati Talent pool.

Understanding the Local Market and Searching for Emirati Talent

We attract local candidates by leveraging our local expertise, available online resources, established partners, and dedicated consultants who collaborate to meet the growing demand.

We have developed and nurtured a talent pool of local candidates ready to take on new challenges in corporate enterprises through our large network of institutions and national programs. Our team also holds workshops and career fairs to provide Emirati graduates with resources to help develop their CVs and gain expert advice on their career paths. We screen and vet all applicants to ensure they have the abilities and knowledge to perform well in their field, so we can guarantee a successful match between them and our clients.

Reach out to us and share your plans with our team to learn more about how you can attract valuable Emirati talent to your organization and strengthen your workforce beyond quota requirements.