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​The Future of Diversity and Inclusion in the UAE

Many businesses have gone to great lengths to foster an accepting and diversified work environment. The UAE has made significant strides in recent years toward its goal of building a society that protects and advocates for the rights of all its residents, of race, gender, or religion. A number of rules and regulations have been established with the intention to encourage and facilitate a workplace environment that values and respects employees of all backgrounds and beliefs.

The UAE plans to maintain its historical commitment to programs that nurtures tolerance and acceptance. The introduction of anti-discrimination legislation, the establishment of gender quotas for management positions, and the provision of supplementary training and resources are all examples of initiatives that are being implemented.

In addition, new programs are being developed to promote innovation and entrepreneurship, such as the facilitation of the entry of foreign businesses into the market by lowering regulatory barriers and providing financial assistance to budding entrepreneurs.

Overall, the UAE is doing a fantastic job of nurturing a welcoming and diversified workforce. Through continuous investment in initiatives to promote diversity, the country is likely to remain a global leader in diversity and inclusion.

5 Ways Organizations Can Approach and Foster Diversity & Inclusion:

1. Equal Opportunities: Organizations should ensure that all employees have equal opportunities to advance in their careers, regardless of their race, gender, or religion.

2. Promote Cultural Awareness: Organizations should strive to create a culturally aware and inclusive workplace. This could include offering cultural sensitivity training and creating a space for employees to share their culture and experiences.

3. Flexible Working Hours: In order to help its employees juggle both their personal and professional lives, businesses should consider flexible work hours. This could include offering different start and end times, providing remote working options, and allowing employees to work outside of traditional hours.

4. Leverage Technology: Organizations should use technology to enable more flexible and efficient working practices and promote collaboration among teams. This could include using video conferencing and cloud-based collaboration tools.

5. Create Support Systems: Companies should set up structures that encourage teamwork and open dialogue. Access to mental health care, mentoring opportunities, and anonymous feedback platforms.

How ManpowerGroup Middle East Can Help With DEI

ManpowerGroup Middle East is well-positioned to provide a wide range of services to help organizations in the UAE. As a company, we work closely with other businesses to establish systems of support that encourage honest communication and cooperative efforts, as well as the implementation of anti-discrimination laws, the creation of cultural awareness programs, and the provision of training and resources to promote diversity and inclusion. Every day, we connect people to meaningful work across a wide range of skills and industries, helping to power the success of our clients.