ManpowerGroup Middle East Visa Outsourcing and PRO

Visa Outsourcing Services

Offering PEO and EoR services throughout the UAE and the GCC region.

Visa outsourcing is also called Professional Employment Organization Services (PEO) or Employer of Record Services (EoR). The Ministry of Labour and The Ministry of Human Resource and Emigration have recognized ManpowerGroup Middle East as a reliable service provider for companies looking to hire in the UAE and Saudi Arabia legally.

Our PEO & EoR outsourcing services offer a plethora of benefits:

  1. HR Infrastructure and Administrative support

  2. Candidate Care Program

  3. No jurisdictional restrictions within the UAE and GCC

  4. Fully compliant solutions in accordance with local laws and regulations

  5. Dedicated Point of Contact

  6. Recruitment, Visa & Payroll Services

  7. Retained control of domestic and international staff

PRO Services

ManpowerGroup Middle East guarantees fully compliant and qualified Public Relations Officers to handle all your strategic objectives and operational requirements professionally and efficiently. Their role is to provide administrative assistance to companies. Registration, clearance, documents, and paperwork related to various infrastructures, as well as needed clearances from government agencies, are under the purview of a Public Relations Officer (PRO).

We can assist you if:

  1. You are looking for a flexible, cost-efficient workforce solution

  2. You don’t have the budget for permanent employees

  3. You need to free up internal resources

  4. You need additional resources for a fixed-term project

  5. You are hiring at large volumes and require a provider that can support your PRO administration Processes

A PRO's Key Roles and Responsibilities

1. Clearing Legal Documents

The process of obtaining legal clearance documents is crucial to your company's success. You must run a legitimate business in the UAE with this. An expert can assist you in getting your paperwork approved by the UAE's Ministry of Interior Affairs, Ministry of Labour, Government Departments, and Chamber of Commerce.

2. Official Government Representative

It's important to note that PROs have official certification. They are trained experts who facilitate communication between private companies and the government. Simply put, a PRO acts as your company's go-between with various governmental bodies.

3. Management of Legal Affairs

PROs typically handle legal paperwork and documentation because of their connections with the UAE government. Assistance is provided in obtaining necessary licences and permits, getting necessary government approvals, obtaining visas for employees and employers, and carrying out essential government mandates. When it comes time to renew a business's trade licence, the help of a public relations officer (PRO) is crucial. Working with a PRO facilitates collecting, submitting, and acquiring necessary state approvals.

5. Prevent and Avoid Legal Issues

To ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, PRO can help you spot and analyse potential issues. This avoids fines and delays that could affect the efficiency of the business, its employees, and its management.


What are PRO services?

PRO (Public Relations Officer) is specialized assistance provided by industry experts to manage various business and administrative processes. They often include legal, regulatory, and documentation support, ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations. PRO services in Dubai are commonly sought by businesses to streamline certain procedures.

ManpowerGroup Middle East provides cost-effective PRO services in Dubai, tackling various regulatory procedures, such as clearances from government agencies, preparing documents, and more, while guaranteeing compliance.

Why do you need PRO services in Dubai?

For many businesses in Dubai, PRO services are crucial to remain agile within their industry. By outsourcing their PRO services, businesses can free up internal resources, allowing them to focus on other important tasks. These experts handle visa processing, work permits, and government approvals.

ManpowerGroup Middle East specializes in various PRO areas and can assist businesses with clearing legal documents, facilitating conversations with key government officials, managing your legal affairs, and preventing or minimizing legal issues. Given our stringent regulations in the UAE, we can also guarantee compliance with local laws to safeguard your business.

What is the Employer of Record in the UAE?

In the UAE, an Employer of Record (EOR) is a service provider responsible for being the official employer for foreign workers. Experts offering EOR services oversee legal compliance, payroll, benefits, and other HR functions, allowing companies to expand their workforce without establishing a legal entity in the country.

ManpowerGroup Middle East is a compliant and reliable Dubai Employer of Record service provider for businesses looking to recruit in the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

What is meant by EOR in Dubai?

In Dubai, EOR stands for Employer of Record. Employer of record services involves the service provider acting as the official employer for foreign workers, handling legal, payroll, and HR responsibilities. This allows businesses to operate in Dubai without establishing a separate legal entity, streamlining workforce expansion.

What does PEO stand for?

PEO stands for Professional Employer Organization. It is a service that provides comprehensive HR solutions, including payroll, benefits, and compliance, allowing businesses to outsource employee management functions hassle-free.

What are the three types of PEO services?

While the needs of businesses requesting PEO services can vary, accredited service providers offer three common types. They include:

  • HR management — This refers to PEOs handling HR tasks, such as payroll, benefits administration, and compliance.

  • Risk management — These PEO services involve assistance with workers' compensation, risk assessment, and safety compliance to reduce legal and financial risks.

  • Administrative management — This can refer to support in areas like employee onboarding, tax administration, and regulatory compliance.

No matter what kind of PEO assistance you need for your business, ManpowerGroup Middle East PEO services can be tailored to help your organisation grow on your terms and budget.

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