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Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a management strategy in which a company outsources a recruitment firm to act as its in-house recruiter. ManpowerGroup Middle East provides the finest recruiters for the job, offering solutions that include hiring not only services but also the technology, expertise, and techniques needed to meet the unique needs of our clients. Our experts provide cost-effectiveness, a more efficient recruiting process, scalability, a superior candidate experience, and talent quality. Our recruitment outsourcing services can be delivered on-site as an extension of the client's hiring team, remotely, or in a hybrid configuration.

RPO Service Models

We offer versatile and highly efficient methods for handling all your recruitment requirements.

We offer four types of service models:

Full RPO

Full PRO is a complete turn-key solution that addresses every aspect of your company's recruitment processes. Our RPO recruiters provide a diverse range of resources to assist you in producing high-quality workforce solutions.

On-demand RPO

On-demand PRO is a contractual collaboration with a qualified recruiter. You have immediate access to the resources of experts familiar with your company, branding, values, philosophies, and processes. Our on-demand RPO assists you in dealing with hiring peaks and surges while managing inevitable rapid changes.

Project-based RPO

Project-based RPO is ideal if your organization wants to use in-house recruitment for daily hiring and outsource for specific projects. This is suited for short-term hiring needs with goals and deadlines.

Hybrid RPO

Hybrid RPO is a comprehensive workforce solution that combines permanent and contingent labour hiring and management. Our coordinated approach as a Managed Service Provider ensures that your company has complete control over recruitment processes.

RPO Service Models

Recruitment Process Outsourcing process

RPO Pricing Models

The cost of an engagement is determined by factors specific to your project scope and objectives

  1. The duration and immediacy of the RPO contract

  2. The desired RPO solution type

  3. The positions and key competencies required

  4. Need for further services

ManpowerGroup Middle East offers the standard following payment methods:

  1. Cost-Per-Hire: Businesses incur a fixed cost per employee for various levels of employment.

  2. Cost-Per-Resource: Each client-assigned resource is billed at a standard monthly charge.

  3. Hybrid: Blended models merge cost-per-hire and resource-based pricing components.

  4. Transaction-based: Employers are charged for factors in the recruitment processes such as interviews, reviewing a candidate's job experiences, negotiating salaries, background checks, etc.

Benefits of ManpowerGroup Talent Solutions

Our expert recruiters go above and beyond

There are no two organizations that are alike. That is why our expert recruiters go the extra mile to understand your organization and the job skills required for success. Our recruitment process outsourcing benefits entail the following:

1. Expert Recruiters

We employ tried-and-true sourcing strategies to determine where the talent is and how to recruit it best. Our experience and expertise expedite the hiring of the right people for you.

2. Spearheaded Approach

We bring cutting-edge insight, innovation and technology, keeping our clients ahead of the competitive curve

3. Customized Solutions

Our RPO process begins with our client's objectives. We fully understand your corporate culture, business strategies, and recruitment requirements. It's an entirely collaborative approach in which we are robust but adaptable partners.

4. Global Reach and Local Expertise

We deeply understand each local market in which we serve and leverage our global network to meet your workforce needs anywhere in the world, backed by the world's largest footprint and dedicated recruiting centres.

RPO Benefits

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