Permanent Recruitment Solutions in UAE | ManpowerGroup Middle East

Areas of Expertise

Access to highly qualified, in-demand candidates

Manpower Group Middle East offers an exceptional network of highly qualified candidates to meet all Permanent Recruitment needs in the region. We use a comprehensive suite of staffing services and delivery options to find the right person for each open position.

Our recruiters are experts at locating qualified candidates in all industries and occupations. Our delivery options include:

Permanent Recruitment Solutions in UAE | ManpowerGroup Middle East

Process of Permanent Recruitment Solutions

A Candidate Recruitment Process that works for you

Discovery, Recruitment, Qualification, Matching, and Reporting are all part of our comprehensive 5-stage Candidate Recruitment Process. This ensures that our clients receive qualified candidates with opportunities for advancement.

Permanent Recruitment Solutions in UAE | ManpowerGroup Middle East

Tailored Services

Customizable options tailored to your requirements

1. Contingent Search

Contingent Search requires no financial commitment from our clients until our candidate is hired. Our experts will find the perfect candidates who meet your specific requirements. When we successfully find the right applicant for you, we will only bill you upon successful placement.

2. Retained Search

This is a longer-term, proactive, and participative strategy in which a client and specialists collaborate to determine the assets required, the hiring process, and the protocols used. This cooperative approach allows both parties to identify and shortlist the best candidates.

Retained searches are ideal for specialized professions with a limited pool of qualified candidates or for more extensive search processes. This search option charges a monthly consulting fee based on the magnitude, scale, and anticipated duration of the search process.

Benefits Of Permanent Recruitment

Your powerful competitive advantage

ManpowerGroup Middle East provides numerous benefits to our GGC region; here are the top six reasons why working with us is the best option for your company:

1. Innovation

We provide our clients with more than manpower; we also provide the resources and guidance they need to build and expand their businesses, giving them the best chance of success.

2. Saving Time and Money

Instead of paying expensive, ongoing expenditures for things like job boards and drawn-out headhunting processes (with little to no guarantee of finding suitable candidates), we offer hassle-free integrated hiring solutions that directly translate into improved quality of hire, and rapid turnaround times, saving you time and money.

3. Efficiency

Recruitment and training are time-consuming operations. Most businesses lose out to competitors if the screening process is improperly followed. It not only wastes time and effort, but it also leaves important jobs unfilled. Our streamlined hiring process emphasizes avoiding delays and acquiring qualified candidates as soon as possible, providing you a competitive advantage.

4. Superior Candidates

We have access to a large network of capable candidates and a thorough understanding of domestic and global talent trends. Our top recruiters find candidates with technical skills and those who share your company's philosophy and culture, ensuring a long-term, successful placement.

5. Expansion

Because of our extensive experience and dedicated years in the field, we have a vast local and international candidate network for all industries and sizes. You can scale your staffing requirements to meet your recruitment needs with thousands of experienced candidates on hand.

6. Industry Insights and Expertise

We have accumulated significant data over the years, allowing us to provide our clients with unique insights into the current industry landscape. We provide industry and skill-specific candidates to assist you in achieving success in your field.

7. Compliance 

Compliance is one of our areas of expertise, so we are familiar with local employment laws and stay up-to-date on legislative changes. You can be confident that our selection and recruitment processes will be carried out ethically and legally.

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