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Executive Search services are a niche subset of recruitment focusing on finding and hiring top-tier senior management candidates. It is used to fill highly strategic roles within the company. A candidate must have substantial expertise, unique market sector knowledge, and the specialized skills necessary to do their job efficiently.

Executive Search Recruitment Process

Discovery, Recruitment, Qualification, Matching, and Reporting are all part of our comprehensive 5-stage Candidate Recruitment Process. This ensures that our clients receive qualified candidates with opportunities for advancement.

executive search process

Tailored Services

Customizable options tailored to your requirements

We provide services and options to meet the needs of each business.

1. Contingent Search

Until our candidate has been hired, Contingent Search requires no financial commitment from our clients. Our experts will find the perfect candidates who meet your specific requirements. When we find the right applicant, we will only bill you upon successful placement.

2. Retained Search

Retained Search is a longer-term proactive participative strategy in which a client and specialists work together to determine the assets required, the hiring process, and the protocols to be used. This collaborative approach enables both parties to identify and shortlist the most suitable and skilled candidates. Retained Searches are best for specialized professions with a limited qualified candidate pool or more comprehensive search processes. This search option charges a monthly consulting fee depending on the magnitude, scale, and projected period of the search process.

Benefits Of Executive Search

1. Filling Difficult Roles

On the highly rare occasions that applicants at the executive level are actively looking for work, they are only available for a very brief period because there is such great demand for their services. ManpowerGroup Middle East employs our personalized methods to quickly discover these top-tier candidates, affording our clients an advantage over their rivals.

2. Recruiting Passive Candidates

In contrast to those actively looking, passive candidates are the most difficult candidates to place, as they are not actively looking for new opportunities. This is usually because they already have a high-level position at a reputable company and have no interest in changing jobs. Thanks to our talented proactive recruiting team, we use our experience to source, connect, and successfully recruit these passive candidates.

3. Extensive Database of Executive-level Candidates

Our executive recruiters have developed relationships with top management over the years and have access to these otherwise inaccessible individuals and their networks.

5. Save Time and Money

Companies must actively pursue these high-level candidates, which is costly and requires significant time, effort, and skill. We provide hassle-free integrated hiring solutions that directly translate into higher hiring quality and faster turnaround times, saving you time and money. 

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