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Consistent with the UAE Government's national policies and directives, ManpowerGroup's Emiratisation project aims to increase the number of jobs held by citizens of the UAE to bring about social and economic upliftment. This project has taken effect as of 1st January 2023, affecting companies that are based on the mainland. Through our devotion and commitment to assisting UAE nationals in finding their ideal profession, ManpowerGroup, in collaboration with Right Management, has forged partnerships with global organizations that offer exciting employment possibilities.

Our Emiratisation consultants also conduct workshops throughout the UAE to provide Emirati Graduates with the resources to develop their CVs and gain expert advice on their career path.

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Understanding the Local Market and Searching for Emirati Talent

To bolster the national Emiratisation recruitment in Dubai and the greater UAE and GCC regions, we work to meet our clients' Emiratisation quotas and build partnerships with organizations to broaden their Emiratisation Talent pool. We attract local candidates by leveraging our local expertise, available online resources, established partners, and dedicated consultants who collaborate to meet the growing demand for qualified Emirati candidates.

We have developed and nurtured a talent pool of local candidates ready to be deployed and take on new challenges in government and corporate enterprises through our large network of institutions, national programs, and career fairs. Furthermore, we screen and vet individuals to ensure they have the abilities and knowledge to perform well in their field so that we can guarantee a successful match between them and our customers.


Workforce Solutions for Emiratisation

To assist in establishing and growing the national Emiratisation program for companies, we offer additional workforce solutions to assist our clients in meeting their quotas.

ManpowerGroup Middle East Emiratisation Recruitment solutions UAE

Permanent Recruitment & Executive Search

ManpowerGroup Middle East Emiratisation Recruitment solutions UAE

Payroll, Visa & Outsourcing Solutions

Learn more about how you can attract valuable Emirati talent to your organization and strengthen your workforce beyond quota requirements


What is the Emiratisation rule in UAE?

Emiratisation is a policy developed in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) aimed at increasing the employment of Emirati nationals in their home country. The Emiratisation program encourages private and public sector organizations to prioritize hiring Emirati citizens in order to stimulate the economy and provide greater job opportunities. 

To help bolster this initiative, assist our clients in meeting their quotas and connect organizations with world-class talent, ManpowerGroup offers a talent pool of local candidates ready to be deployed and take on new challenges in government and corporate enterprises. 

What is the 2024 Emiratisation law?

From 2024, organizations within the private sector with a workforce of 20 to 49 workers will be required to hire at least one UAE citizen. In 2025, this requirement jumps to at least two Emirati citizens. Previously, this requirement only applied to companies with 50 or more employees. 

Being a leading provider of workforce solutions, ManpowerGroup has the expertise and resources needed to help our clients meet their quotas. Our expansive pool of candidates, along with online resources, established partners, and dedicated consultants, makes it easy to find the local talent you need while ensuring full compliance with the Emiratisation law.

What benefits do Emiratis get?

The major benefit Emirati citizens receive through the Emiratisation program is increased employment opportunities. With this, Emirati citizens gain greater exposure to skill development opportunities and career growth, enhancing their professional capabilities. Emiratisation also contributes to the diversification of the economy, aligning with the UAE's long-term vision for sustainable growth while giving job recipients a greater sense of national pride and employment. 

Emiratisation is beneficial for employers as well. ManpowerGroup can provide your company with a sufficiently multicultural team that brings a wealth of diverse knowledge that energizes our dynamic working culture. Work with us to learn more about how you can attract valuable Emirati talent and strengthen your workforce beyond quota requirements.

What are the goals of Emiratisation in the UAE?

The main goal of the Emiratisation UAE program is to reduce unemployment among Emiratis to encourage national economic sustainability and promote active participation of citizens in the workforce. The initiative also aims to develop a skilled local workforce and diversify the economy.

What are the challenges of Emiratisation?

The Emiratisation program faces some potential challenges, such as companies struggling to meet Emiratisation quotas, impacting operational efficiency and the program's goal. As only a select number of Emirati citizens can be recruited, this can also stimulate a sense of competitiveness among applicants. 

To ensure our clients only get the benefits of this policy, ManpowerGroup takes ownership of the entire recruitment process and candidate migration to meet your needs. Through market mapping and industry knowledge, we know where the top talent you require is to achieve your business objectives. Our own internal programs and initiatives strike the right balance between national goals and economic demands to ensure the success and sustainability of Emiratisation initiatives.