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In the latest edition of our Skills Revolution series, "Skills Revolution Reboot: The Three R’s-Renew, Reskill, Redeploy" we asked 26,000+ employers in more than 25 countries:

  • How is the COVID-19 crisis impacting digitization and automation plans?

  • Which job functions, industries and geographies are likely to be impacted most?

  • How are HR priorities shifting as a result of the crisis?

  • How are HR leaders thinking about current and future upskilling plans?

The report highlights key trends of the impact of COVID-19 on digitization and the future of jobs, importance of soft skills development, innovative workforce solutions for the new skills revolution, and finally a roadmap for organizations to follow in the new "work" order which ensures their workforce is set-up for success.

The Emergence of the K Revocvery