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A message from Jonas Prising, ManpowerGroup Chairman & CEO:

"While it’s encouraging to see employers have the intention to hire workers, it’s been increasingly difficult for them to find the talent they need. On top of the skills gap challenge, employers are dealing with wage inflation and competition for workers, as many are switching industries altogether to better suit their lifestyle. On the ground, we continue to see talent shortages created by the pandemic, the Ukraine conflict starting to impact the supply chain and creating greater uncertainty in the economic outlook. The need for organizations like ours to focus on reskilling and creating talent at scale has never been more important."

Key Findings

  • AGlobal Net Employment Outlook of +33% is anticipated for Q3; an 18% increase from this time last year and a 4% increase from the previous quarter.

  • Strongest hiring prospects are reported inMexico (+59%), Brazil (+54%), India (+51%), Canada (+43%), and Colombia (+43%); weakest reported in Greece (-1%), Taiwan (+3%), and Japan (+4%).

  • Employers report difficulty filling open roles,with the biggest impacts being felt in Taiwan, Portugal, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, and India.

  • In the U.S.,technology skills are the most in demand, with 31% of employers reporting difficulty in filling roles. Additionally, 28% report difficulty in finding soft skills such as accountability and self-discipline, as companies hire more remote workers.