Regional Security Coordinator

Posted Date over 1 year ago
Location Dubai
Discipline Engineering
Job Reference 31226
Salary 0.0
1. Job purpose:
Current risk assessment shows an upward trend in the security & crisis activity across XYZ REGION region. This has resulted in excess amount of workload and responsibilities in the dynamic security and crisis management environment. The purpose of this job is to provide primary assistance to the Crisis Management Operations Center and its team by helping and supporting in the following;
  1. Ensuring close monitoring of political developments & crisis situations, natural disasters, and any other situations/trends that may have an adverse impact on company’s employees, assets and operations in the region 24/7.
  2. Preparing risk analysis reports country-wise and region-wide from time to time
  3. Providing support in planned Catastrophic GGO drills for XYZ REGION region countries
  4. Providing support in ensuring all the plans and profiles are updated at desired intervals
  5. Ensuring rigorous enforcement of TAS across the region
  6. Ensuring that GE integrity policy and other instructions are followed in true letter & spirit.
2. Key role and responsibilities
XYZ REGION Crisis Management & Operations Center

  • At all times should have a complete security situational awareness that includes trends in Political, Environmental, Terrorism, Civil Unrest, Riots and Kidnappings scenarios of all countries of the XYZ REGION Region
  • At all times, provide XYZ REGION Regional Security Team with complete situational awareness by continuously utilizing various sources such as open source web media outlets, security alerts and notifications, serious incident reports from Regional Security Vendors and follow established operational procedures.
  • Monitor Travel Advisory System (TAS) and review/approve TAS workflows on behalf of Regional Security Directors (RSD) and Pull out TAS reports as & when required and compile monthly TAS data.
  • Revert to travelers who does not follow security specified protocols for travel across the XYZ REGION Region 
  • Alert employees and travelers of any intelligence that may affect their safety.
  • Prepare / Draft GE Security Alerts / Warnings as and when an incident news / information is received through different mediums / portals available in the operations centers including CRG, Newsnow, News Channels, IHS etc.
  • Perform staff monitoring services through an advanced GPS/GSM satellite tracking system for employees and providing full support to ensure personnel safety upon receiving SOS/panic alerts, generated from personal satellite trackers
  • Whenever required, make calls to the employees and travelers in case of emergency and report back to the RSD
  • Maintain ability to log incidents and concerns through an advanced online reporting tool (GENSUITE)
  • In an event of emergency, perform crisis management duties by initiating response actions, escalating notifications/interjections and monitoring critical assets
  • Maintain proficiency in understanding and responding to various plans, Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), and latest technology
  • Maintain ability to work under pressure and handle multiple tasks
  • Maintain ability to communicate with Employees and Security Teams at all levels to provide support and advice as and when required.
  • Perform tasks given by the XYZ REGION ROC Supervisor and Team Leader

Support Function
  • Assist XYZ REGION Ops Supervisor and Team Leader in maintaining complete databank of GE sites, local employees, GMEs & Travelers at all times and supply these details to the Security Leaders at the time of any crisis situations and drills
  • Assist XYZ REGION ROC Supervisor and Team Leader in keeping Security Vendors database up-to-date and run a bi-annual check on their capabilities
  • Assist XYZ REGION Ops Supervisor and Team Leader in undertaking various tasks in accordance with the ‘Mandatory Requirements’ of the ROC Policy Framework.
  • Assist XYZ REGION ROC Supervisor and Team Leader in drafting and rolling out relevant security reports.

SRCM & Disaster Recovery
  • Identify security supervisors in each country for all GE sites to contact as and when necessary.
  • Provide timely information to security team on occurrence of Incident.
  • Be on call on a 24 hours x 7 days basis for any emergencies occurring at GE Regional office and within the region acquiring ROC support.
  • Undertake the security lead role within the RSOC in a Major Incident to support Crisis Management Teams.

  • Regional Security Analyst will be asked to acquire appropriate level of training and all training needs will be compatible to your practical needs.  
  • Regional Security Analyst will ensure to regularly communicate to acquire knowledge and meet training needs.
  • Discuss with team leader regarding your training needs to attain proficiency in weak area.
  • Maintain your performance and training tracker. 

Candidate should have an excellent command in written and spoken English as English is widely and well-spoken in the whole of XYZ REGION region with at least one other language in XYZ REGION. These can be (for example in MENAT Region):
  • Arabic
  • Turkish
  • French
  • Urdu / Hindi
3. Requirements
  • Should be able to act with honesty, integrity and professional ethics
  • Should be able to take responsibility and demonstrate resiliency and accountability
  • Should have Security, Emergency Response & Crisis Management Knowledge
  • Should be able to adapt to new environments and cultures
  • Should have excellent MS Office and Computer Skills
  • Should have excellent Security Information Management Skills
  • Should have excellent Communication Skills
  • Should have excellent Time Management and Multi-Tasking Skills
  • Should be a Quick Learner and a Team Player
4. Qualification
Academic - Candidate should be at least a university graduate
Experience - Candidate should have been working in an 24/7 Operation Center Environment
Interest / Knowledge - Candidate should have a sound knowledge and interest in Geo-Political posture of the XYZ REGION Region