Production Supervisor

Posted Date 3 months ago
Location United Arab Emirates
Discipline Building & Construction
Job Reference 31907
Salary 0.0
Please see below Job Description and requirements for the role-
  1. Ensure the effective operations of the powder plant to its full capacity to maintain the productivity.
  2. Ensure that workers at workplace carried out their tasks in a correct and efficient way.
  3. Ensure that workers wear the necessary individual safety equipment.
  4. Ensure that the workplace is neat and tidy.
  5. Ensure that work instructions are briefed among workers and followed correctly in the plant.
  6. Ensure that products are manufactured as per the production plan.
  7. Ensure that daily productivity is accurately logged at the end of each shift.
  8. Ensure that finished product sampling instructions are followed as per  QC instructions.
  9. Ensure that all pending jobs are briefed for follow up action by the next operator while handing over the shift.
  10. Ensure that all raw materials are checked and verified before off-loading and arrange samples for QC lab for testing and approval.
  11. Ensure that the bulk raw materials are unloaded into the correct silo after QC approval.
  12. Ensure that reworking instructions given by QC are followed during the production programme of products and manage the recovery zone
  13. Ensure that battery operated forklifts assigned to the powder plant, are well maintained and the batteries are recharged on time.
  1. The job holder is responsible to fully understand and develop all related IMS Management Procedures for use in the company Thus, incorporating both my clients Spa Corporate Procedures and their  Local IMS Procedures related to their specific activities. These procedures form the foundation, under which all the their companies’ activities are conducted, The QAHSE Induction program, as issued by the responsible department head / department manager. The understanding of these procedures will be assessed periodically by QAHSE Manager.
  2. Provide IMS information, training, and supervision.
  3. Assist and review with risk assessments, environmental aspect impact assessments and briefing the same to employees.
  4. Reporting of issues, hazards, and incidents in terms of quality, environment, health, and safety.
  5. Request and control PPE for my client outsourced staff and 3rd parties working in his area of responsibility.
  6. Ensure workers following procedures and wearing PPE based on requirements.
  7. Apply PTW system for non-routine activities.
  8. Monitor activities of 3rd parties within his area of responsibility.
  9. Follow the procedures for machinery operations, chemicals storage and handling, waste management, traffic management.
  10. Conduct TBT regularly for workers (outsourced and 3rd party) regarding workplace requirements, quality, environment, and safety procedures.
  11. Conduct regular workplace inspections, HSE tours in cooperation with QAHSE department.
  12. Issue maintenance requests to ensure that workplace is in proper and safe condition in terms of environment, health, and safety.
  13. Maintain good housekeeping at workplace.
  14. Report any accident, incident, near miss in terms of environment, health, and safety to line manager and QAHSE department.
  15. Inspect regularly spill and first aid kits together with First Aider and spill responders.
Mandatory requirement as advised by the Hiring Manager-
  1. Arabic Speaker.
  2. Admixture experience in liquid line.