Mining Manager

Posted Date 2 months ago
Location United Arab Emirates
Job Reference 32512
Salary 0.0

Job Title: Mining Manager

Overview: The Mining Manager is responsible for overseeing all aspects of mining operations, ensuring efficiency, safety, and profitability. They manage a team of mining staff, coordinate activities, and implement strategies to maximize productivity while adhering to regulatory requirements.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Team Management: Supervise and lead a team of mining personnel including engineers, technicians, and laborers. Provide guidance, training, and support to ensure all team members work efficiently and safely.

  2. Operational Planning: Develop and implement mining plans and schedules to optimize production output while minimizing costs. Coordinate with other departments such as geology, engineering, and maintenance to ensure seamless operations.

  3. Safety Compliance: Uphold and enforce safety protocols and regulations to maintain a safe working environment for all staff. Conduct regular safety inspections and implement corrective actions as necessary.

  4. Budgeting and Cost Control: Manage budgets for mining operations, including expenses for equipment, labor, and maintenance. Identify areas for cost savings and implement strategies to improve cost-effectiveness.

  5. Equipment Maintenance: Oversee maintenance schedules for mining equipment and machinery to minimize downtime and ensure optimal performance. Coordinate with maintenance teams to address any equipment issues promptly.

  6. Environmental Compliance: Ensure compliance with environmental regulations and company policies regarding mining operations. Implement measures to minimize environmental impact and mitigate any potential risks.

  7. Reporting and Documentation: Prepare regular reports on mining operations, including production levels, costs, and safety statistics. Maintain accurate records and documentation in compliance with regulatory requirements.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Mining Engineering, Geology, or related field.
  • Previous experience in a supervisory or management role within the mining industry.
  • Strong knowledge of mining principles, practices, and regulations.
  • Excellent leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to analyze data, problem-solve, and make strategic decisions.
  • Proficiency in computer applications and mining software.