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ManpowerGroup’s unique research and insights into how organizations and individuals can win in the changing world of work makes it the go-to expert in delivering innovative workforce solutions.

Every company is facing the same dilemma: how do I remain competitive and execute my business strategy in the face of margin compression, talent shortage and economic uncertainty?

ManpowerGroup Research and Insights

The solution is to access, mobilize and optimize the right mix of talent and unleash human potential. See here why talent sustainability is directly tied to financial sustainability, and how to make your people your priority to win in the Human Age, in this video featuring ManpowerGroup leaders Jeffrey Joerres, Michael Van Handel, Jonas Prising, Darryl Green, Mara Swan and Ram Chandrashekar.


What people want is changing. They are working longer, learning more and seeking a work-home balance. Not everyone wants to be a full-time employee and business doesn’t always want that either. Today more people want NextGen Work.

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  • Millennials careers report

    Millennial Careers - 2020 Vision

    May 2016

    The report provides practical advice for employers on attracting, retaining, developing and motivating Millennials for the 21st century workforce.

  • Right Management - Most Likely to Lead

    Apr 2016

    Start investing in the right people. Predicting, developing and measuring leadership effectiveness in the Human Age. Download the white paper to learn more about the P3 Leader Model and how to utilize it within your organization today.

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  • Moving Beyond Big Business

    Apr 2016

    There are specific market dynamics that are giving rise to increased demand for MSP workforce solutions. Learn how the right MSP solution can break with the traditional MSP model to provide scalability and agility to the wider market. 

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  • Below the Surface

    Mar 2016

    In today’s competitive environment, global corporations and other employers are searching for ways they can attract and retain the worlds’ top talent. Read the latest research uncovering universal candidate motivators and preferences, as well as unique differences between markets and generations. 

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  • ManpowerGroup Right Management

    Right Management - Career Conversations

    Mar 2016

    How Ongoing Career Conversations Drive Business Success. Download the white paper to learn how to start the Career Conversation with your employees, or your manager, today. 

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  • Transforming Talent Acquisition: Recruitment Process Outsourcing Comes of Age

    Feb 2016

    When recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) was introduced some twenty years ago, providers faced a steep learning and awareness curve: organizations were not accustomed to outsourcing their recruitment function. Nonetheless, RPOs were able to help companies gain significant cost savings, improve productivity and transform their talent acquisition relatively quickly. 

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