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2018 Talent Shortage Survey

More employers than ever are struggling to fill open jobs – 45% globally say they can’t find the skills they need, up from 40% in 2017 and the highest in over a decade. Read the report to what's driving this skills gap and where the problem is most acute. Discover a new approach to the talent problem: build, buy, borrow or bridge to ensure your workforce has the in-demand skills for the digital age.


Robots Need Not Apply

We need to start thinking differently. In this digital world, success will not always require a college degree, but will rely heavily on the appetite for continuous skills development. Leaders must nurture employee's curiosity and learnability so they remain employable in the future of work.

Swipe Right Candidate Technology

Swipe Right: Candidate Technology Preferences During the Job Search

Human Resource professionals would attest to the notion that technology has changed everything when it comes to attracting and hiring top talent. Technology is embedded in everything we do and it has affected most (or nearly all) aspects of the hiring cycle. How can companies use technology to ensure a competitive advantage in today’s war for talent?



What people want is changing. They are working longer, learning more and seeking a better balance between work and home. Not everyone wants to engage as a full-time employee and business doesn’t always want that either. Today more people want NextGen Work.

candidate understanding

Work, for Me. Understanding Candidate Demand for Flexibility

Today's candidates are unlike any employers have seen in history. With unique needs, priorities and uprecedented access to information, organizations are continuosly searching for ways to attract and retain the world's top talent.

Millennials careers report

Millennial Careers - 2020 Vision

The report provides practical advice for employers on attracting, retaining, developing and motivating Millennials for the 21st century workforce.

ManpowerGroup Right Management

Right Management - Career Conversations

How Ongoing Career Conversations Drive Business Success. Download the white paper to learn how to start the Career Conversation with your employees, or your manager, today. 

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How to Collaborate Effectively When Your Team Is Remote

22 Mar 2020

The coronavirus outbreak has triggered an accelerated trial run for remote work at a previously unthinkable scale. What we learn in the next few months could help shape the future of work and drive innovation across a range of business functions and industries. 

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Home Is (Now) Where The Work Is

21 Mar 2020

 Working remotely can be challenging under normal circumstances—but for those doing so for the first time or adjusting to sharing their home office with children, spouses or roommates—it is important to create structure and expectations.

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How Businesses Can Get Through The COVID-19 Outbreak

20 Mar 2020

 A message from ManpowerGroup Chairman and CEO Jonas Prising, as published in the Milwaukee Business Journal on March 20, 2020.

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Client Services

Our ability to capitalize on new thinking, new workforce models and new possibilities has made us the most recognized and respected workforce solutions provider in the world. And our expertise, experience and unmatched global footprint allow us to deliver solutions to help our clients achieve better business results.


The cybersecurity threats emerging from large-scale remote-work and BYOD are on the rise. With the increased need for people to work remotely, we are seeing rising levels of targeted cyberattacks. We have a simple and effective solution for helping clients tackle the cyber security threats emerging from large-scale remote-work and BYOD. Our Risk Management Services can help organisations mitigate most of the new cybersecurity and compliance risks without impacting business performance.

Manpower Workforce Solutions Staffing Outsourcing Contract


Manpower is the global leader in contingent and permanent recruitment workforce solutions. By leveraging our trusted brands, we have built a deeper talent pool to provide our clients access to the people they need, faster.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing MSP


ManpowerGroup Talent Solutions provides clients with outsourcing services in the areas of large-scale recruiting and workforce-intensive initiatives that are outcome-based. This includes MSP and RPO, where we are one of the largest providers in the world.

Right Management


Right Management is the global career and talent development expert. We help organizations become more agile, attractive and innovative through our expertise in organizational effectiveness, career management and individual development.

ManpowerGroup Emiratisation Program


In our efforts to support the national Emiratisation program we work towards meeting our clients' Emiratisation quotas by leveraging our local expertise, strong partnerships and dedicated consultants.